Chiropractic Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Practice and Brand

There are many ways to market your chiropractic website. But like many industries, most of the ideas and tactics have already been created and used. Have you ever heard the saying, “there’s nothing new under the sun”? Even though most things have been done, the good news is that it’s not about coming up with the next big, unique idea, or trying something that has never been done before. Rather, it’s about finding an idea that works and customizing it to fit the personality of you and your office. Incorporate one or more of these chiropractic marketing ideas and watch for your client list to grow.

Start a New Patient Referral Program

Refer a FriendIt’s pretty simple really. If you provide great care to your patients then they will be more than happy to tell their friends about you and the service you provide. This is especially true if you give them an incentive to do so. Develop a program to encourage your patients to refer-a-friend to your practice. Give both your current patient and their friend a free session or discount off of products or other services.

Host Wellness Events

You may not think of wellness events as a chiropractic marketing technique but wellness events are a great way to get the word out about your practice. Open up your practice a couple evenings a month for a wellness event. Tap into your referral program and have your satisfied clients invite their friends. Additionally, you could use your practice newsletter to promote and invite people to the event.

Topics for the events do not have to focus solely on chiropractic. Switch up the topics to appeal to the different interests of your patients (e.g. diet, exercise, child related health, etc.).

Make your attendees comfortable by having some time devoted to mingling and socializing. Encourage participants to bring a friend. Build a relationship, and trust, with your attendees by making it informal and inviting and they will feel more comfortable about becoming a patient.

Sponsor Wellness Seminars

Similar to hosting a wellness event at your office, you could partner with a spa, healthclub or community center to sponsor a wellness seminar. Partner with other wellness practitioners or businesses in your area to expand your access to their client base, and vice versa. These customers are very likely to have an interest in your services. Be sure to connect with relevant, quality partners who will help you attract more quality leads to the event and additionally will provide more quality offerings and content to the event.

Start a Chiropractic Newsletter

Email Newsletter

Some people think that email marketing is dead. However, this is not the case. A chiropractic newsletter is a powerful marketing tool and should be strongly considered to be included in your marketing strategy. An email newsletter is an inexpensive yet effective way to connect and communicate with your patients. In fact, many marketers consider email to be the single most effective tactic for improving awareness, acquisition, conversion and retention.

Engage With Patients

People like to engage with their favorite brands or companies. It’s important to connect with your patients and make them feel like they belong, like they are family. Send them things like birthday cards, anniversary cards and other holiday specific letters such as New Year’s, summer safety tips, travel ideas, etc. These are wonderful ways to keep your practice top of mind with your patients.

Use Social Media

chiropractic marketing using social mediaIt probably goes without saying but if you aren’t on social media then you are missing some very important opportunities to connect with your patients. Social media is arguably one of the best ways to engage with your patients and therefore it is important to keep your social media accounts active. Post frequently, several times a week if you can. If you have a blog – you do have a blog, right – then you should be posting there regularly too. Be sure to respond to blog comments, Facebook comments and tweets about your practice or about things that are relevant to your followers.

Chiropractic Marketing Wrap Up

There are some really great marketing strategies out there. As we mentioned, it doesn’t matter what your competitors or other industries are doing. You can certainly do similar things but whatever techniques you employ should be a reflection of your practice and should have your unique mark on it.

Bring your own personality into your chiropractic marketing campaigns and make them your own. Inject your own personal brand into everything you do. Build trust with your patients and get in front of as many people as you can – both online, and offline – and your practice will definitely benefit.

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